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    Psychiatrist Appointments

    Our highly specialized Psychiatrists take great care in addressing the healthcare needs of children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Your diagnosis may require medical attention and/or medication management, so please do not hesitate to seek the necessary treatment from our providers.

    Your initial appointment is a Psychiatric Evaluation consisting of the following:

    This session is approximately 45 minutes.

    Please be sure to bring a list of medications you may be taking.

    The follow-up appointment is a 15-minute session that reviews the results and side effects of any medication prescribed.

    Therapist Appointments

    The Therapists at Baber Psychiatric Associates have completed a Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree in Psychology or Social Work. They are trained to counsel you on new and innovative techniques in the areas of coping, management and response to stressors, and emotional processing. Furthermore, individual, couples, and family therapy sessions are available.

    Your initial appointment will evaluate:

    This session is typically 45 minutes to an hour.

    The follow up appointment reviews the following:

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